What I Do in 30 mins With My Brother

IMG_4460We had the opportunity to do a short and fun video for my Photo and Video class, so obviously I decided to annoy my brother and film him. Here are some pictures of the 30 mins we spent together and a short video.


  • Talk about Key and Peele. My brother recently started watching Key & Peele, and he is obsessed with them.
  • Talk about his recent articleI am a journalism major, so whenever he has to write an article he asks me for my opinion. In this case, he wanted to talk about headlines and how to make them interesting. (check some of my articles here) (hehe)


  • Walk around. We LOVE walking around and talking about nonsense; I think that this is our favorite activity to do together.
  • Brag about accomplishments. We have this tendency of just talking about the things we have accomplished in a week and brag about them (jokingly of course). This week his accomplishment was that his graphic design professor only invited him from his class to his show. So jealous.
  • Go to meetings. After our little walk, he decided to go to a newspaper meeting because of extra credit.

And that is it for our 30 mins together! I love these moments with my brother because it is an easy way to talk about life in between classes.

Until the next 30 mins!