Pouring My Heart Out

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

I have not always liked writing; I used to hate it actually. I always felt that writing was not my thing because I had to write a lot of papers on topics that I did not like, or did not care about, back in high school. Until one assignment that I had to do in my junior year. My literature teacher assigned us to write a short story on whatever topic we wanted it to be. The only rule that he gave us is that it had to be at least 5 pages. I was in heaven.

I wrote about death, morbid I know, but I poured my heart into it. I had never been so creative, inspired or passionate about a project before this one. My teacher told me that my story had been one the most interesting and best written that he read out of 50 and told me that I really should consider a career in writing. I was not really sure about his opinion, but as more writing projects he gave me, the more I knew that I did want to write for a living.

screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-7-39-14-pmFive years later, here I am following my dreams and pursuing a career in what I love the most; journalism. Learning new things and asking questions give me a rush that I cannot explain. I love hearing the stories others have to tell, understanding why someone did something the way they did, and I love writing about them even more. I have learned that there are different ways to write and that I do not need to like all of them. I realized this when I started reading different types of books, like Why We Broke Up , a romantic novel by Daniel Handler and I Wrote This For You, a book of poems by Ian Thomas.

What changed? Well, I realized that I did not enjoy writing because I was not writing from my heart. I just wrote papers because I wanted to get over with them, and not because I wanted to learn about a topic. I also learned that I can write about whatever I want. Writing has helped me open up about everything. It makes me feel safe. It makes me feel that I am heard. I can write about things that I do not want to say out loud. Writing lets me pour my heart out without feeling judged or misunderstood. Writing lets me use my voice, however I want to, whenever I want to.

Even though my love for writing has grown, there are things that I still do not like about it.  However, this does not change how liberating it can be.

Thank you for reading!